My Brother's Keeper

We view service as a privilege and a joy, not an obligation.

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The work of many charities is accomplished by a large professional staff assisted by a small number of volunteers. The model of service at My Brother's Keeper is the opposite: a small dedicated staff assists our 2,500 volunteers who carry out the work under our staff's supervision.

We truly are an organization that thrives on the generosity of our volunteer community. Our emphasis on volunteering allows My Brother's Keeper to share the privilege of service with our volunteers and utilize their special gifts and talents, making us a stronger, more dynamic ministry.

Here's why some of our volunteers enjoy helping at My Brother's Keeper:

  • "It's very direct and personal. I like meeting the people we serve and seeing their gratitude, especially when we give them the crucifix."
  • "I like the other volunteers. They're all different ages and from all different backgrounds."
  • "I always feel welcome at My Brother's Keeper. It feels like a family and I'm a part of it."
  • "It's flexible. My volunteer schedule can change as my life changes."
  • "I always feel good when I leave, like I really made a difference.”

Interested in joining us? All are welcome. Please contact us to schedule a tour & orientation.

My Brother's Keeper is located in Dartmouth, Ma:

Tuesdays from 2-5 is UMass Dartmouth volunteer time at My Brother’s Keeper! Join us!

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