Believe - Small Group Bible Sharing  


When people meet the real Jesus in Scripture, lives change, hearts heal, and the grace and power of our baptism is unleashed to make us “ambassadors for Christ” (2 Corinthians 5:20). 

When people “chew” on the word of God through dynamic discussions of the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit reveals the person of Jesus. 


This small group Bible Sharing opportunity will encourage everyone, no matter where they are in their spiritual life, to have a personal encounter with Jesus.

The six sessions in Believe: Meeting Jesus in the Scriptures focus on episodes when Jesus changed people’s lives. The discussion questions that follow are designed to spark discussion and allow each person to consider how the story applies to his or her own life. Weekly spiritual exercises between sessions help participants meet Christ in both prayer and the sacraments. 

Each session in this program is self-contained, so if you happen to miss a week, you won’t have to ‘catch-up’ during the next session. The six sessions are repeated each semester so that you can join in at any time and continue on until you’ve completed all six sessions.

Sessions are held in the Reflection Room (Campus Center Room 233.)

Spring Semester 2016/2017

To be announced - If interested, please register below and we’ll get back to you with the schedule for the next semester.

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