Spiritual Direction


Spiritual Direction - a Companion on the Journey of Faith!

Many religious traditions encourage the use of a spiritual guide to facilitate and assist believers on the path of spiritual growth. What makes a Catholic spiritual director different is that he or she is not a guru whose words are to be obeyed blindly, but rather a companion and resource on your own personal journey of faith. 

The goal of a spiritual director is to help you recognize how the Holy Spirit is working in your life. The emphasis is deepening one’s relationship, not with the spiritual director but with God, by developing an active, vital prayer life. While a spiritual director can and should offer advice, you are always free to make your own decisions and choices. 

Spiritual direction has been a part of Christianity from its inception. In the Acts of the Apostles, Timothy clearly depends on Paul for advice as he matures in his faith, and St. Philip offered guidance to the Ethiopian (see Acts 8:31). Many of the great saints have benefited from spiritual directors who were themselves often saints. For instance, St. Augustine was assisted by St. Ambrose, and St. Jane Frances de Chantal was guided by St. Francis de Sales. 

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