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Novus is the first year experience for Catholic students at UMass Dartmouth. It takes place prior to the opening of the campus. During Novus, candidates experience sharing groups, service projects, prayer, Mass and fun activities. An afternoon service takes place at local facilities and Novus students help their fellow freshman move-in to their dorms on move-in day. Here are some of the photos from NOVUS.  

We thank our Peer Leadership Team for all of their assistance in making NOVUS  a success

Comments from our Novus participants - 

I really enjoyed the the closeness of everyone there, the food, and the friendly and relaxed environment

I had no idea that there was such a great support system at UMass. Because of all the wonderful people on this campus, I found it very easy to make a good start of my college career.

The fact that we were able to not only joke around and have a good time but we also allowed each other to open up a bit to one another is something I really enjoyed!

I liked all the people I love everyone. In the span of two days I made some of my closest friends here on campus.

I enjoyed how chill the atmosphere was and how well we all bonded together

I really enjoyed the atmosphere, it was really positive.

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